SEI Introduces Ex- Extruder Range start’s from 35mm upto 150mm Screw size for cable Sheathing, Insulation , Coating, Stripping or Skining application, and in Co- Extrusion’s we offering coating + Skining, Dual Insulation, Triple Extrusions for House Hold wires, Medium voltage cables, and CCV  Line for Sioplas HV cables, We also catering sheathing line’s for optic fiber cable, and solar cables.

Our Extruder’s in House Screw designed to meet high performance cables such PVC, XLPE, PE, LDPE, and rubber base compounds with screw’s of single, BM and Medoc design in different compression ratios, Extruder’s Water body (Feeding Zone) Specially designed to obtained High output and error free long lasting performance of Extruder, Extruder heating with PID smart sensing system and Ac, VFD with HMI/ PlC control’s ensure easy operation of entire Extrusion line in sync mode & manual mode.