SEI has in house manufacturing of Screw-Barrel for Cable Extruders, We have world class brand Like WMW Germany Make Thread Miller machine to provide better Screw Profiles of Screw Threads with accurate root dia of Screw Compression ratio, we designed screws for single grade compound extrusion for cables and multi type compound like PVC, XLPE, PE, LD, HFR, Etc. many a trending compounds, most of screws are havingĀ  throw-out hole for heating /cooling operation in veriouse forms of compounds, grooved feeding zone provide in Barrel to help fast and slip-less material feeding for better output result for long time, Screw and Barrels made with special alloy steel and case hardened with gas nitriding and liquid hardening, Barrel is honing to mirror polishing and made in single piece for long lasting performance.